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WB4ULK-R Echolink Node 704665

I have added Echolink to the repeater!
You can reach the repeater via Echolink now by connecting to either WB4ULK-r or 704665.

The Echolink Node resides on the RPi 3 that hosts the Allstar node as well.
If you are talking on one, you are talking on the other, as well as the RF repeater.

You can get more information about the repeater it’s links and coverage at:
WB4ULK Repeater Info Page

New WB4ULK Mastr II Allstar Repeater Update 1

Ok, so I got a little bit done today.

I spent most of the day at my Dad’s house procuring some items that will make the system better. Hopefully, I have a working Motorola power supply that has the built-in battery charger and switching circuit. WOO HOO. Continue reading New WB4ULK Mastr II Allstar Repeater Update 1

New WB4ULK Repeater using Allstar has begun.

Ever since I heard about the capabilities of Allstar as a full blown controller, I have been really interested in deploying it into a real world environment. I currently have an Arcom RC-210 controller. This is a fantastic controller with almost no limits. That being said, I like the internet capabilities of the Allstar as well as you can add RF links until the cows come home. You are not limited to the hardware ports already installed. You build the ports as you go. Continue reading New WB4ULK Repeater using Allstar has begun.

WB4ULJ 145.190 Repeater in Pine Mountain Ga

WB4ULJ Repeater Site -12After I became active again in Ham radio, the first thing I wanted to do is be able to talk to my Dad on his repeater in Pine Mountain. The 145.190 repeater has been on the air for 40 years this year. To my suprise, it was not doing so good. He had been fighting intermod for a long time and had pretty much given up. When I started trying to talk into it again, I couldn’t even get in from Ellerslie. Continue reading WB4ULJ 145.190 Repeater in Pine Mountain Ga

My new career at Alexander Electric

DSCF3695-7I started to work at Alexander Electric about six months ago. It has been quite a ride. ๐Ÿ™‚

They have me in school to get my Journeyman’s Card and I have been learning a lot! I work on remodels mostly and do service calls. I have been volunteering to work in different departments to learn as much as I can about all aspects of the craft. Continue reading My new career at Alexander Electric

Playing music again

After 23 years of wanting one, I finally got a Tenor Sax.
 I played Alto in school, but always wanted a Tenor. After school I put it down and didn’t play again until about a month ago.
 I joined the Bob Barr band and have had a BLAST!
 Hopefully I’ll be able to get pretty good and carry a tune. ๐Ÿ™‚
 And no Mom, I didn’t sell my Alto, still got it and still play it on occasion. I’m even thinking about having it overhauled. It does still play good after almost 30 yrs.
 I’m thankful for my parents’ sacrifice buying me a nice horn and giving me the opportunity to play.
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