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AMT 1/2500 Enetrprise-C build with lighting pt3

Enterprice-C-Build-With-LightsI got a lot done on the Enterprise C today. I actually got some lights installed. This thing is going to look pretty good for a cheap model from Hobby Lobby!

I didn’t get started until late this afternoon, because me and Laura took a trip on the bike. The morning was just too nice!

The video is up on the Enterprise page HERE.

Learning the Tenor Sax

I picked up a Tenor Sax about 12 weeks ago and have been doing all of the boring scale progressions and what not. I have been working on this song in between to break up the boredom.

I have sheet music that doesn’t match the backing track, so I am working on the key changes and improving in between. I still have a long way to go, but it is going to be fun getting there.. 🙂

(If the neighbors don’t kick me out first)


Taking on the Nikon BEAST!!!

Finally got a chance to go out and shoot again today. My friend John Helms was digging at me again about his superior 9 gazillion dollar cutting edge Nikon system, so I challenged him to shoot at the ball field today against me and my Fuji X-pro 1 with old legacy manual lenses.

I think our 2 sets of images will show how the equipment you use will dictate your approach to the subject you are photographing. I’m sure our photos will be wildly different! 🙂

Anyway, here are the photos I got today.