New Mastr II Repeater with Allstar Update 2

Ok, so the Allstar controller idea was a bust. I like hardware and I like SOME software, but to sit down and become a full blown Linux program writer…. Uhhhhhh… NO!

I really like everything the Arcom 210 repeater controller does, so I went back to the drawing board.

I programmed the new node controller and handed it off to Ben. KB9LFZ. He had an old GE mobile radio that has real tone squelch. He interfaced it to the new node and put it up on a hill about 15 miles away and pointed a small yagi at the 975 repeater. I don’t like having it on the input frequency, but since I have 2 additional links into the machine, I can get in through those to shut it down if need be.

That being said, the node is now full time linked to the 975 repeater and I have all telemetry set so no ID’s or tones go out across the link. That was joy trying to get the timing perfect 100ms’s at a time.

The node number is 45221 on the network.

I also got the new cabinet installed along with the new Motorola power supply that has the battery backup and float charger built in. Now the 975 has battery backup. YEY!!!


Mastr II repeater with Allstar

Here is a picture of the old cabinet. I took the picture after I started working. The link radios used to be on top. Now they are all in a nice ventilated cabinet!


I added tone encode to the machine this week as well, so that the remote node could be set to decode. As you can see the 67hz tone looks nice and CLEAN!

67hz tone WB4ULK Repeater

The deviation is a little high. I went one evening after school to put it on and didn’t have time to set the deviation level of the tone. Right now, you can hear just a faint hum during transmit as the sub-audible 67hz tone is mixing and becoming audible. I should have that fixed this weekend. The target Deviation is .6KC’s

We have one more small problem with the remote node Ben put up. It has a high pitched whine from RF getting into the Rasberry Pi3. We should have that corrected this weekend or later next week. Once all that is done, MAGIE 2.0 should be jam up jelly tight.

I’ll update you on the finished product hopefully next week.

Grady, KM4OKU is on the way over. We are going to set the deviation levels in the Auburn, Al node for the 145.230 rpeater. They should have their node up at Auburn University next week as well in it’s permanent home. Looks like Allstar is growing around here.