New WB4ULK Mastr II Allstar Repeater Update 1

Ok, so I got a little bit done today.

I spent most of the day at my Dad’s house procuring some items that will make the system better. Hopefully, I have a working Motorola power supply that has the built-in battery charger and switching circuit. WOO HOO.

I started working on all of the interconnect madness that makes the “System”…. Well….. THE SYSTEM!

Below are some pictures of my progress (Click on them to make the all big and thangs and stuff).

Ben (KB9LFZ) brought me some shielded Cat5 cable, so I am using that for my interconnects and other control items.

New MastrII Repeater 7

You can see that I am using surface mount RJ45 Jacks as my connection points. I really like Patch cables with RJ45 mod plugs more than DB9’s.

I am really liking the repeater drawer as an area to install the Allstar controller. I think it is going to be really clean and a great RF shield as well. You can see below that the factory holes provide a great cable way.

New MastrII Repeater 8

I added the Kenwood TMV7A and started running the controls up to it as well. This will serve as the Frequency agile remote base.
Ben is programming my Maxtrac to be the second remote base. Once I have it back, I will get it installed next to the Blue Face and have both VHF remote bases up.

New MastrII Repeater 9

Anyway, here is a photo of the back of the machine. I have run a lot of power and a few controls. I am going to keep power to the left of the cabinet and control above and in the middle. I plan on keeping RF on the right and below control. Hopefully, this will help eliminate and noise issues.


New MastrII Repeater 10