WB4ULK Repeater Information Page

Welcome to the WB4ULK repeater
Columbus, Ga.

441.975 + offset 67.0 PL tone
Allstar Node # 45221
Echolink Node # 704665 WB4ULK-R
Listen here on Broadcastify

Here you will find information on my repeater.
You can get a list of commands, what repeaters can be RF linked and information about my Allstar and Echolink Nodes.

You will hear National Weather Service alerts on this machine when they are issued for our area. If you don’t have a weather radio with you, you can put 975 in your scan list and receive alerts.

There are also maps at the bottom with various coverage plots.

There are 3 nets per week on the machine:

1- Tues Night at 8PM EST
Allstar Net. This net is an informal net where everyone discusses their successes and failures with the projects they have worked on during the week. We have a lot of Allstar nodes connected in as well as RF links.  This is not only about Allstar.  We talk about all things technical. We are a bunch of hacks, so come on in and learn with us! You are welcome to connect in Via Allstar or Echolink. The Net can be heard on the following machines:
146.880 – 123 PL in Columbus, Ga
441.975 + 67 PL in Ellerslie, Ga
441.800 + 123 PL Ft. Benning, Ga
145.230 – 123 PL in Auburn, Al
You can see the node during the net by following this LINK.

2- Wed Night at 8PM EST
Chattahoochee Valley Net (Local Club Net, Columbus, Ga)
Local net for Columbus Amateur Radio Club.
Can be heard on the following machines:
146.880 – 123 PL Columbus, Ga
441.975 + 67 PL Ellerslie, Ga
441.800 + 123 PL Ft. Benning, Ga

3- Wed Night at 9PM EST
Southeastern Link Repeater Net
Linked repeater net covering Ga, Al, Tn.
It can be heard locally on:
441.975 + 67 PL
145.190 – 110.9 PL
All the repeaters can be found HERE.

Command List:
The repeater can be controlled directly with the following commands:

Link to another repeater via RF by using the following commands:
880 – 88 repeater Columbus, Ga
610 – 61 repeater Columbus, Ga
745 – 745 repeater Columbus, Ga
940 – 94 repeater Salem, Al
230 – 23 repeater Auburn, Al
700 – 700 repeater LaGrange, Ga
330 – 33 repeater LaGrange, Ga
390 – 39 repeater Thomaston, Ga
210 – 21 repeater Fayettville, Ga
250 – 25 repeater Concord, Ga
000 – Disconnect when done.
Sometimes the link radio gets confused and you MAY have to enter the command twice to get on the right machine.
The links are set to disconnect on their own when there is 17 mins of no activity on either side of the link.

Allstar and Echolink Commands coming soon.

Coverage maps

Mobile Coverage:
Confirmed mobile coverage locations = Red
Repeater = Blue


HT Coverage:
Confirmed HT coverage locations = Red
Repeater = Blue


Possible repeater Links:
Possible Links = Red
Repeater = Blue



Site pictures:


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