A busy Allstar Node 45221 WB4ULK

Update: Node has changed to 45221

The 45221 Allstar node stays really busy here in Columbus Ga. It has only been up a few months but gets 4 or 5 hrs a day key up time. I have really enjoyed getting the system up and running.

The Allstar node has been a nice supplement to all of the RF links.

Node 45221 is also connected to the South Eastern Linked Repeater Net every Wednesday night at 9 pm Eastern.

If you are looking for a really active Allstar node with lots of wrag chewing and good community, Allstar Node 45221 is where you want to come. Good clean conversation and good fun.

Be sure to announce yourself as the node does not announce connections.

I am making this post for people to be able to find busy Allstar nodes. I have searched many times for very active nodes, but no one ever posts or blogs about them so they never show up.

Anyway, 73 and hope to hear you on our network sometime.