Allstar Node with BF 888s Short Board

Building an Allstar Node with an 888s Short Board.
OH… And making it duplex too!


I am new to Allstar, but MAN this system is GREAT! BF-888s-Short-boardAnyway, I am writing this because I have a buddy that bought 3 888S’ until he got one that matched all of the ones on Crompton’s site.
I looked around and sure enough, nothing on the other version that has the small short board.

I went to work identifying the connection points with my mad hillbilly tech skills. (Touching stuff till it smokes or works)

You can see in this photo that the connection points are very close to the ones on the long board version and you can also reach everything from the front and don’t need to take the board off of the heat sync.




If you look at the instructions on Crompton’s site, you will see that you need a 10K resistor on the Mic audio and a 68K on the Rcv audio. I used a 13K on the Mic and a 65K on the Rcv. Why? Because in typical hillbilly engineering style….. That’s what I had. The values are not critical, because you have adjustability in the Allstar software. I was able to dial everything in with Rcv around 400 and Trans A at about 39 to 40 in the software. I set everything by generating a 1K tone at 3kc’s in and set for 3kc’s out.

I ran my cable out of the bottom, since I never intend to use the charging cradle.




As you will see, I am using an RA35 as my interface. I really love this interface. I like the adjustable pot on the receive side. I have put in three of these so far and have had no problems. I buy the kits for 35 bucks and put them together myself. I will be writing an article about a multi-link repeater controller I built with a Pi3 and a couple of these.

To get rid of the battery on the 888s, I built the small filter circuit that is on the 888 page on Crompton’s site.  I connected a 5v cigarette lighter adapter for USB devices through the filter circuit.
I got the adapter at Harbor Freight at the check out line. It comes with a bunch of adapter cables for different devices. The filter circuit seems to work well as I have no noise from the adapter. 



For the housing, I used the little 14 dollar box from Harbor Freight as well. I drilled holes for the HT to poke through, as I was too lazy to find the coax adapters to remote the antenna.


I mounted everything by drilling holes for 6-32 screws and cutting them off to length. I ran a nut down to hold them tight and then put heat shrink on them to hold the boards up. I did this because the 6-32 nuts are a little large and may short things on the board.


This is the finished product using just one radio and setup as a simplex node.

I haven’t really posted much new material here other than the connection points for the BF 888s Short board version. I built this setup right off of Crompton’s website. I keep referring to his site, because he has been a great advocate for Allstar and he has a wealth of information on his site. You can build this with the details from there and the connection points here.

My next article is going to be on making this setup DUPLEX and using the UV82. I have yet to find documentation on connection points for the UV82 for Allstar.

Till then, 73