Allstar Technical Net

Welcome to the Allstar Tech Net Info Page.
Tuesday Nights at 8 PM EST

I put this page here for a single source of information about the net and various links pertaining to the net.

Below are the links to the monitoring pages of the main nodes that everyone connects to during the net.  (The 45221 link will say un-secure. That is because it is hosted on KB9LFZ’s personal server and his ISP blocks regular http traffic, so he had to use an https address. https needs you to purchase a certificate.)

= Complete bubble chart of current system

= Node 45310

= Node 45221

= Node 41575

There will be more information when Grady (KM4OKU) puts up the official page.

Audio of previous nets:


(Echolink trouble passing one-way audio / What is a repeater / How to pass DTMF through Node / Virtual Servers)



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