The Straw Man Chronicles

This is just a page for me to show and discuss different lighting situations with my photographer friends. The star of the page is our trusty ol’ straw man.


Nov 20th 2013

Here is some lighting using my Einstein at 1/256th power. I was checking my triggers and my Fuji X-Pro1 with an 18-55mm lens. All of these were handheld in near dark and I was shooting at 1/8th of a sec to 1/4 of a sec. Shooting low shutter to pull in a little ambient light. My ISO was at 2000 for all of these. My lighting modifier was a Apollo 28″ Softbox.

The camera and lens seems to work well. ALSO… I can focus in total darkness as the focus assist on the Fuji works GREAT!!! Getting ready to assist on a wedding next week and it will be getting dark fast!!!





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