New WB4ULK Repeater using Allstar has begun.

Ever since I heard about the capabilities of Allstar as a full blown controller, I have been really interested in deploying it into a real world environment. I currently have an Arcom RC-210 controller. This is a fantastic controller with almost no limits. That being said, I like the internet capabilities of the Allstar as well as you can add RF links until the cows come home. You are not limited to the hardware ports already installed. You build the ports as you go.

I have been putting off building my backup repeater for awhile now. Since I want to build a repeater built around the Allstar platform, I figured I would go ahead and build my second machine using this method. If I can’t get it to work right, I will just deploy it with a 210.

I have already built 1 repeater with the Allstar controller. I built a 220 machine here at the house with a frequency agile remote base. That way I can be lazy and point to different repeaters with my ht.

After getting it working, I gutted it and used the Pi3 and RA-35 interface to put Allstar on my main UHF repeater up at the site.

Anyway, All that to say, I started working on the new machine today and will be taking pictures and writing about it as I go. I hope that if someone else wants to do the same, they may get a few tidbits off of what I write here.

Here is what I have begun with. Just click on the pictures for a larger view.

New MastrII Repeater 3

This is not exactly the beginning. This is after I have removed all of the old equipment from the “new” cabinet.

New MastrII Repeater 1

It was really nasty. I spent an hour or so with a vacuum and soapy wrag.

Below is a close up of the old gasket around the door.

New MastrII Repeater 2


One really cool thing about this cabinet is, it has a really nice exhaust fan in the top and it moves a lot of air!

New MastrII Repeater 4

Here is a photo of the intake filter at the bottom of the cabinet.

New MastrII Repeater 5

This is with some major components in with the maintenance drawers folded out.

New MastrII Repeater 6


And the final photo is of the whole thing buttoned up. The second repeater shelf on top is being used to house the Allstar Controller. The Mastr II repeater drawer is the perfect place to put the Pi3 and the RA-35’s. It has really good RF shielding. This comes in really handy, since the Pi3 is so sensitive. I took an old 800mhz Mastr II shelf and removed the receiver and exciter. I will use the compartments in the drawer and the harness on the backplane to get connections in and out.

Here is where I have gotten to so far.

Labeled Repeater Cabinet MastrII

So if you are fooling around with Allstar and want to make a repeater controller, keep a check here to see my mistakes. 🙂