Pass DTMF through Allstar to RC 210 Repeater Controller

After looking all over and trying everything, I have finally figured out how to pass DTMF commands from Allstar to my Arcom Controller.

Here is what I did:

I found the COP commands that tell Allstar to play memorized DTMF sequences. That is Cop 48. It is listed as “Paging Tones”, but if you read further it shows how to play DTMF strings.
I put this in the bottom of my rpt.conf file. I have posted a screenshot of where I placed it.

The syntax is as follows:
DTMF command through Allstar = cop,48,DTMF,DTMF,DTMF

880 = cop,A,1,1
You key up send *880 and release
Allstar will generate A 1 1 and send it out the radio, but not back across the Allstar network.

Make sure you use capital letters for A,B,C and D. Also,┬áMake sure your Cop commands don’t conflict with existing commands. For example if you try to use 810, it will conflict with *81 “say time” since say time is *81 only, Allstar will ignore everything after you enter 81.

Start with something like 880 or 890. Make all of your commands 3 digits and you will have lots of room for commands.

Here is an example screen shot of the commands:
It’s almost to the bottom after the node stanzas.
I called it “DTMF Memories” I just commented out the name by putting a ; in front of it.

Here is a video of it working


  • I would like to thank Steve (WB4BXO) for pointing out that capital letters work instead of lower case.
  • I would also like to thank Doug Crompton (WA3DSP) for pointing out how the number sequences work. (Not using already assigned 2 digit numbers)
    Doug has a tremendous amount of information at his site

Hope this helps someone.