WB4ULK back on the air

WB4ULK -1After a long time off the air, I am finally back on.

I called one of my mentors back in February to check in with him. Percy W4RN. I found out he had passed away the previous October. I was truly devastated! I had missed his passing and didn’t even know it, because I had been off the air so long.

Percy was my first HF contact ever. I came across him talking on 3.950 in 2001. I threw my call out and he and the gang welcomed me with open arms. I was a part of that group for many years talking nightly till the wee hours.

I had some events that took me away from Ham Radio for many years, hence the missed knowledge of his death.

There was a Hamfest coming up the next week in Birmingham Al. I talked to my Dad and we went. I bought an entire station that weekend and set out to be more involved and not let such great people go missing in my life.

WB4ULJ Repeater Site -12I have since helped my Dad get his repeater working very well and put up my own UHF repeater that is linked to his full time, to give the Pine Mountain repeater full coverage into Columbus Ga. Now we have linked coverage from Columbus all the way to Atlanta.

I will be posting about the upgrades to our machines and be putting up some detailed info on adding tone to a Mastr II repeater. (There is a lack of info out there on doing that simply. Most posts about it read like a doctoral thesis.)

Chris Hood