WB4ULK Repeater system
Columbus GA

Welcome to the system! Below you will find information on accessing and using my system. I have an analog repeater, DMR repeater and Allstar connected. Most of Columbus is covered by HT and full coverage by mobile over a wide area. Enjoy!

Quick Links:

(Listen Live to Columbus DMR)



Current Connections:

HT Coverage plot:



Quick tips on using the machines:

  • Remember there are links. Please be sure to not speak immediately after keying up
  • Be courteous and don’t quick key. You may be holding someone out that is on a node and can’t get in between.
  • On the DMR, when connecting to an outside group: Select channel, do a quick key-up and listen. You connect to the group by keying. There may already be a conversation going on when you connect.
  • Be sure you are transmitting in the right place on DMR. If you are in promiscuous mode, you may be hearing someone on one Talk Group, but talking on the one you were last tuned to.
  • Remember, it’s just a hobby. We aren’t curing cancer. If someone does or says something “wrong” be nice and explain why that is not advisable or courteous.
  • Have fun!

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