DMR Repeater Columbus Ga. WB4ULK

Welcome to the
WB4ULK DMR Repeater

Columbus, Ga.

444.6125 + offset
Color Code 1
Allstar Node # 45221

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The Columbus DMR repeater is located in Ellerslie, Ga, about 20 miles North of Columbus, Ga.

The machine is on the Brandmeister Network, meaning you can access any talk group you choose. I have a basic MD 380 code plug for download below. It has the most common talk groups as well as our local stuff.

The DMR machine is connected full time to the 441.975 analog repeater. The 975 has a full time connection to the Allstar network via Allstar Node 45221 and is also full time linked via RF to the 145.190 repeater in Pine Mountain. Various other repeaters in the area link in quite often, including: LaGrange Ga, Concord Ga and Auburn AL.

Here is a listing of the repeater data, so you can program your own code plug.

Name Talkgroup / Timeslot Description Type
975 Analog NA Local analog rptr Always On
Columbus DMR 311342 / 2  Our Local Group Always On
Big Shanty  311340/1  Big Shanty Group in ATL On Demand
ATL Metro 31131/1 Atlanta Ga Metro On Demand
Georgia State 3113 / 1 State Of Georgia  On Demand
Cactus Network 3185 / 1  Cactus Network in Texas On demand
First Coast 31121 / 1 First Coast in Fl On Demand
Treasure Coast 31123/ 1 Busy FL Talk Group On Demand
Gulf Coast 31011/ 1 Gulf Coast Fl On Demand
PAPA 31077 / 1 PAPA System CA On Demand
Tac 310 310 / 1 National Chat On Demand
 Tac 311 311 / 1  National Chat On Demand
USA National 3100 / 1 National Calling On Demand
Clear TG 4000 / 1 Clears TG when you’re done On Demand
Monitor All 0 Monitors repeater for activity from any group. Start here! On Demand

The above talk group assignments are what the code plugs have in them.

Below is a list of currently available Talk Groups on Brandmeister that will be accessible through the repeater on demand with your HT.

Brandmeister Talk Group List Live

You can go here to see the DMR info page for more information on how DMR works.

If you are interested in getting on the system go to DMR-Marc and get your ID. It’s at the bottom of the page and takes all of 2 minutes. This will give you an ID number to assign to your radios, so that your call sign shows up on everyone else’s radio when you talk. It only takes a day or 2 and helps  keep everything organized.

Before you get your radio or just want to see what it’s all about, you can listen to all of the talk groups HERE.
Click on any talk group as it goes by or you can use the tools at the top of the page to search for specific groups by region or topic.

I want to make this as easy as I can for everyone and will be glad to answer any questions you have about DMR. I am by no means an “Expert” on the subject but I will be able to help get people on-board.

Have fun and listen to some of the groups.

More to come!


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