MD 380 Programming with Ty Tools

Updating your MD 380

Quick Links:

Ty Tools is an update to your MD 380.
It takes a good radio and makes it GREAT!
Below I have posted links for the All-in-one updater, an instruction video and the Code Plugs for Columbus DMR.

Give it a try, You’ll love it!



First you need the software:
Tytera Flash Tool v1.05



Here is how you use it:

You flash the firmware FIRST, then you update the user db to see everyone’s call sign when they talk. The radio has to be in two different modes. One mode for firmware update and just turned on for the user db update. It is all covered in the video.




Here are the instructions for the added features:


Here is the Radio programming software for your radio.
This installs the Code Plug.

MD 380 CPS


Here are the Local Code Plugs for download:

Code Plugs

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